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Sultangazi in Ottoman Archives

It is compulsory to conduct reviews in Ottoman archives in order to review, identify and evaluate matters related to existences for the people of nearly 40 states left from Ottoman Empire in terms of social sciences, as it is for Turkish people.

It is a nice feeling for us as the local administrators to make a journey in the history related to our regions, to search for the history of our district and city in ottoman archives, to understand the life in the past in the regions, and to establish a bridge between the future and the past, since it shall allow us to realize projects being more harmonized with the nature, history and environment.

Our aim is to protect historic, cultural and social heritage of our district from past to the present day, and realize applicable projects in this manner. It is obvious that our work “Sultangazi in Ottoman Archive Documents” as one of such projects will contribute to understand the history of Sultangazi and accordingly Istanbul. This book is made as a scientific reference for our people and other applicable parties.

I would like to thank our valued researchers and my colleagues granting this study to us, and present my compliments to all readers with the happiness of contributing to such a permanent culture service.


Sultangazi Mayor  

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