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Message from the Mayor

My esteemed fellow countrymen of Sultangazi!...

We have been leaving 2015 now and preparing for a new year with new excitements and hopes. I sincerely believe that 2016 would be a year in which our hopes would be freshened more than ever, and our country and country will reach much better days in unity, collaboration and brotherhood.

We continue to walk, with love, excitement and great efforts, towards the targets that we set for Sultangazi -advancing with firm steps to be a brand city this year as well. 2015 passed with opening of new service facilities, new education institutions and new parks/ gardens. Sultangazi Government Office, District Healthcare Center, Nursing and Rehabilitation Home for Elderly, Sultangazi Disabilities Training and Culture Center, Turizm Vocational High School and Application Hotel, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, and Sabri Ülker Anatolian Imam Hatip High School were opened for service.

We will be with you with the new good news in 2016. 

We have been including new ones to the neighborhood service facilities that we realized with our own equity, bringing a new vision to bazaar culture. In this year, construction works of the new service facilities start at Esentepe neighborhood. Project design studies of the new service facilities of Ugur Mumcu and Zubeyde Hanim neighborhoods have been completed. Our works in progress for construction of the service facilities in Yunus Emre, Malkoçoğlu, Habibler, Cebeci, Cumhuriyet and Gazi neighborhoods.

On the other hand, we realize “Park and Underground Car Park Project” at the empty land against Lutfiye Nuri Burat Hospital in 50.Yıl neighborhood.

Our infrastructure, landscaping and social facility projects have been continuing uninterruptedly.

With this feelings and opinions, I wish that 2016 will bring peace to all humanity and Sultangazi, success would continue seamlessly, and this year would help strengthening of our collaboration and solidarity understanding; and present you my highest considerations and respects.

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