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Biography of Mayor

Biography of Mayor

Mayor | Cahit ALTUNAY

Mr. Cahit Altunay Mayor of Sultangazi Municipality was born in Kesan district in Edirne in 1962. He is the 2nd oldest one of 4 siblings. He finished primary school and secondary school in Kesan. Completed High School in Istanbul. He was graduated from Department of Public Management, Faculty of Economics. He started professional career in 1980. He was involved in business operations in food and construction industries. Mayor Altunay was one of the founders of the Chandelier Sellers Site collecting illumination center under single roof. Mr. Altunay served in fellow countrymen associations, foundations and other non-governmental organizations from his youth. Cahit Altunay having married with Ms. Ilknur in 1986 is a father of 3 daughters.

Political Life

Entered in the active politics in 1989 in Welfare Party. He became founder district Deputy Mayor of Ak Parti Gaziosmanpasa after establishment of Ak Parti (Justice and Development Party). Acted as Deputy Mayor of Gaziosmanpasa District during 2002-2003,  a member of the Board of Directors of Provinces Services Union during 2004-2009, and a member of Provincial General Assembly Council during 2004-2009. He has been serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Provincial General Council members Union of Turkey since 2005. He served as District president of Ak Parti from 2005 until the Ordinary Congress of Ak Parti on September 9, 2008. He quit this post to be a candidate for being the mayor of Sultangazi district. He was chosen as the candidate of Ak Parti for being the mayor of Sultangazi Municipality at the general elections of local administrations held on 29 March 2009, and he won the elections becoming the founder mayor of Sultangazi. Mayor Altunay managed to exhibit successful management was re-nominated by Ak Parti at the general elections of local administrations held on 30 March 2014, and he won the election and has become the Mayor of Sultangazi for the second time thanks to the great courtesy of people. 

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